Radek Adamek

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Radek Adamek

I believe that a great portrait has the power to take your breath away. Portrait photography is a constant challenge and requires the photographer‘s creativity in order to really achieve outstanding portraits. That’s a reason why photography for me means something more than just a picture of beauty. It is a work with the light and a game of capturing real faces that tell the story, while showcasing the wonder, joy and excitement of each people.

My name is Radek Adamek and I‘m a portrait photographer. My passion for photography started a decade ago. It’s 2018 and thanks to a very intensive work I became a photographer who is not limited by borders of one state. I come from the Czech Republic, but now I live and work in Bayreuth, Germany. Here I’d like to pursue further professional challenge in portrait photography.

I make a distinct effort to connect with my subjects so they are at ease with the image making process. I prefer relaxed and arranged pictures, that way I am able to capture genuine emotions, reflect the person’s character and tell a story which is the ultimate goal. I enjoy taking photos of people so they can look as best they can.

I already left behind thousands of pictures and countless satisfied clients, want to be one of them?

Look at my pictures, they will tell you who I am, what I do and how much I love my work.